UMass President Kick-Starts Inauguration Week with “Five Campuses, One Mission”

We are excited for November 12th, as Marty Meehan will be inaugurated as the 27th president of the University of Massachusetts at the prestigious Edward M. Kennedy Institute. He will be the first-ever UMass alumnus to stand as president of the UMass system and is kicking off his inauguration week by setting another record…

On Monday, November 9, President Meehan will visit all five UMass campuses in one day. Beginning with UMass Dartmouth, Meehan will make his rounds at UMass Amherst, UMass Medical School, UMass Lowell and conclude his visits at UMass Boston. Throughout the day, he will meet with students, participate in tours, greet new faculty and experience as much campus life as possible!

This will be a one-of-a-kind event as no other UMass President has made an appearance at all 5 campuses in a 12 hour span. President Meehan is determined to utilize the theme of the day, “Five Campuses, One Mission”, showcasing the faculty, students and staff and all they do to help make the UMass system what it is today. With award-winning accomplishments and recognition as a national leader in education, Meehan wants to assure the spotlight is always on the ones who attribute to that.

Please join us in welcoming President Meehan to our 5 campuses! We hope to see you there!

President Meehan’s approximate campus arrival times are as followed:

UMass Dartmouth: 7:30AM

UMass Amherst: 10:45AM

UMass Medical School: 1:30PM

UMass Lowell: 3:30PM

UMass Boston: 6:00PM

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