UMass Online Program Spotlight: Master’s of Public Health in Nutrition

The Program. The UMass Amherst Master’s of Public Health in Nutrition is offered fully online program with no residency requirements. The program provides students with the tools to offer evidence-based solutions to health issues such as obesity, malnutrition, nutritional deficiencies, and chronic diseases in different communities. Students have the opportunity to advance their scientific background, policy making and public research skills that can strengthen their positions in the field of health sciences.

What can you do with this degree? Many students with this degree go on to pursue careers in health services, nutrition centers, and hospitals. There are also many opportunities for graduates in the health communication field, as well as policy making and political science for those who want to change the face of public health in the United States.

Courses. Some of the required courses for this program include: Introductory Biostatistics, Environmental Health Practices, Introduction to the U.S. Health Care System, and Nutritional Problems in the U.S.

To learn more about the program and its requirements, please visit the Master's of Public Health in Nutrition program page.

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