El Paso TEDx Focuses on Advanced Degrees and Post- Secondary Education

There is an ongoing debate about higher education and whether there is value in having a bachelor’s or master’s degree versus additional training geared towards a specific skillset. Some argue that the return on investment for higher education is not worth the price tag. However, at a recent TEDx in El Paso Texas, a prominent local businessman explained just how important it is for individuals to receive an advanced degree to help the local economy.

Woody Hunt of the Hunt Family Foundation spoke at TEDx El Paso about the important to increase the higher education institutions to fill the rolls that will open as a huge wave of workers will soon be retiring. He pointed out that 28 percent of the jobs in the early 1970s required a post-secondary education. However, by 2020 that number will increase to about 65 percent with some of those jobs requiring some post-secondary credentials.

During his speech Hunt also noted that Colleges and Universities need to work with primary school systems to encourage additional education. El Paso currently has between 30 to 35 percent of high school students attending colleges or universities and Hunt is hoping that he can help increase that number to 60 percent by 2030.

Online education is an important factor in cities like El Paso that need a flexible and affordable options for students to receive their bachelor’s degree. UMassOnline helps students find programs that best fit their needs and interests by matching them with their own personal advisor. Additionally, students receive the same education online as they would at any one of the UMass campuses. This is an affordable and flexible option for students that will hopefully increase the percentage of El Paso residents with advanced degrees.

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