UMassOnline Introduces New Online Degrees in Security Studies

It comes with no surprise that colleges and universities are now offering additional courses or introducing new programs geared towards the field of security.

UMass recently announced the launch of several new master degrees in security studies. The areas of concentration now being offered in the programs are:

These new programs are available fully online through UMass Lowell.

All three innovative concentrations within the Security Studies Master Programs allow students to develop an understanding and knowledge of complex security challenges, individual industries security protocols, various policies related to criminal and terrorist networks and the mechanisms to combat such threats. UMass prides itself in their vast program catalog, and diversity of program offerings for graduate and undergraduate students across the country and the globe. 

UMass degree programs address the demands of a global economy and evolving job market. In upcoming year 2016, UMass looks forward to continuing to add programs and courses that will prepare students for advancements in arts, sciences, health, business, technology and education.

To learn more about the various degrees and certificates offered online, visit

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