Welcome, President Meehan!

We are extremely excited to welcome Martin J. Meehan, our new president, to the University of Massachusetts family! His official presidency began the 1st of this month when he led a roundtable discussion with students at UMass Boston and said that he plans on turning UMass “into the best public university system in the nation.”

Meehan’s presidency marks a new age in the UMass history. Combining his education from UMass Lowell with his extensive career as a former member of Congress and chancellor of UMass Lowell, Meehan brings a unique expertise and perspective to assist in his journey leading UMass. 

Students, professors, and staff are excited to begin a new chapter with Meehan at the helm promising to make University of Massachusetts the number one public university in the nation during his speech with students at UMass Boston.

The Board of Trustees unanimously chose him as the new leader, citing his success at UMass Lowell, his commitment to public service and his passion for UMass.

We look forward to working with President Meehan and cannot wait to see what the future holds for our great university!

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