Taking the Stress Out of Midterms

It happens every semester - you miss a couple assignments, take too long getting into “school mode” and before you know it, the horror of midterms creep up on you. Like most horror movie slashers, midterms can be conquered, and the way to conquer them is quite simple - manage your time and stress effectively and you will succeed. But how does one manage and destress at one of the most stressful times in a semester?

The biggest thing to help you destress is to manage your time effectively. If you try to cram all your studying in the day or two day before the exam, you are setting yourself up to feel the pressure. If you plan ahead and spread your studies out over various weeks, preparation becomes manageable and doesn’t rule your world.

The second tip is to do what you enjoy — take time away from studying to go out with friends, see a movie, or spend time with your family. Spending time doing what you love keeps all the stress of exams from overwhelming you and breaks it up into a manageable task.

The last tip: stay active. Physical activity helps relieve stress by releasing endorphins into the brain, allowing our body to get a natural high. By taking some time out of studying and going to the gym, taking a hike or doing anything that gets the blood and sweat flowing, you will automatically destress.

Follow these simple tips, study hard and your mid-terms will be a stress-free breeze.

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