UMass Online Program Spotlight: Master of Arts in Criminal Justice

This week we are focusing on the area of criminal justice and wanted to highlight one of our online programs in the field – Master of Arts in Criminal Justice.

The Program. The UMassOnline Masters of Arts in Criminal Justice program has been designed to develop professional skills so students can assume leadership positions in administration of criminal justice agencies. The program is for anyone looking to break into the criminal justice field, or gain more knowledge and expertise.

What can you do with this degree? From detective to forensic psychologist, there are many paths professionals can take with this masters program. As a police and detective supervisor, you can oversee and execute all supervision, evaluation, and management of those on their team and seek to better the morale and motivation of the employees. Do you like “Criminal Minds?” A criminal profiler looks at the evidence to determine the profile of the individual who would be most likely to commit a crime. Other professions in the field can include: criminologist, supervisory criminal investigator, forensic examiner, correctional officer supervisor, prison guard, and security management.

Upcoming Courses. Through UMass Lowell, this 33-credit master’s degree can be completed fully online. The following required program courses are being offered this upcoming fall 2015 semester: Administration of Criminal Justice (44.503), Criminological Theory (44.521), Victimology (44.513), and Forensic Psychology (44.453).

To learn more about the program and for a full list of required courses, please visit

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