Can Student Debt Be Eliminated?

Is a debt-free college education possible? If a group of United States legislators have their say, then student loans could be a thing of the past. A rally took place on Capitol Hill last month featuring Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, among others, who said making a college education attainable for everyone would give equal opportunities to all Americans and would grow the middle class.

It is common knowledge that a college education has become increasingly more expensive. The cost of the average college tuition has increased by 300% over the past 30 years and student debt is among the highest in the nation, second only to credit card debt. Borrowers owe an average of $28,400 in federal and private loans combined.

So how do these legislators plan to fix this issue? As of now, there is no clear solution. Finding a plan that would eliminate student debt in a country with a growing national debt is tricky. One thing that is certain is that voters are focused on this issue. More than 400,000 signatures (including 5,000 from national leaders) have been collected in an effort to change our approach to student debt, and pundits predict this issue that will bring out potential voters for the 2016 election.

We look forward to tracking this subject and seeing the changes that it brings to the educational community!

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