Studying for Finals: What can you do differently this time?

The end of November means finals season is starting to approach. Make sure you are ready and prepared for your final exams with some of these tips and tricks to ensure you do even better than last time.  

Make a study guide
Reviewing material and studying for exams can be tough, and students often feel overwhelmed by how much material they have to review. A great way to approach the material is to create your own study guide. Take course concepts and objectives from the syllabus to form a study guide around the material. By creating your own, you are automatically going over all the material as well as forming a document that you can continue to use for review.

Maximize practice tests
Professors often give practice tests or hold review sessions, which cover examples of questions likely to come up on the exam. Test yourself using the practice test and then review the types of questions asked, as they most likely will be used on the actual exam.

Switch up where you study
Studying in one place all semester can become bland and uninspiring. Changing your location can often trigger inspiration or get you out of a studying funk. Great places to try out are coffee shops, libraries, or the innovative “work spaces” everyone is chatting about!  

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