Common Question: Do I have to log in at specific times do group projects with other students?

One of the biggest draws of online classes is their flexibility. Students also want a program that is reputable enough to ensure that they will be as strong candidates in the job market as those that went to a brick and mortar institution.

UMassOnline delivers the same quality education from each of the five UMass campuses, but in an online format. Many faculty members take the time to teach their courses online as well as in person. Through this system, UMass can offer a wide range of courses and programs.

For many students, flexibility is a key ingredient for success. Students do not have to log into courses at a specific time, allowing them to fit their education into their busy lives. Every class has a syllabus outlining the different requirements of the class. As with any other class, there are set deadlines for assignments and it is up to the student to schedule the time it will take to complete them.

In order to allow this flexibility, professors rely on the students to be self-motivated and driven individuals who will complete the required work at the level necessary to excel. If you are the type of student that needs a set time to attend class but wants to take advantage of the benefits of online learning, try this tip: Schedule time in your calendar every day to devote to your studies. This way there is a set structure for you to stick to.

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