Think Tank Calling for Credentialing

As the higher education industry continues its rapid evolution, a well-known think tank is looking to shake things up even more. A necessary but sometimes unwelcome test, the SAT, is a tool used by higher ed institutions to judge the knowledge of potential students. In years past the SAT score was heavily weighted in the application process. Now, after much debate among students, higher education institutions and outside agencies, the SAT score is on factor that is considered but no longer holds the weight it once did. In fact, some colleges and universities no longer require an SAT score to be accepted, much to the delight of some students, particularly those who have excellent grades and credentials but do not test well.

With this in mind, how would you like to be required to take a standardized test before graduation to show potential employers what you have learned? This is what a prominent think tank is suggesting as a way to credential the graduates for potential employers upon graduation, and it is an idea that could turn the higher education space on its head. Many schools are popular because of their name or alumni association. This proposition puts the school’s education quality to the test and reveals the relevance of the curriculum to a business environment.

This is an interesting suggestion as some institutions have a strict curriculum and focus to their education. If this system were to be put in place, the curriculum of schools will need to adapt, much like the high schools that updated their curriculum to help students test well on the SAT.

What do you think about the idea of testing your knowledge upon graduation?

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