Exploring TED Talks

Since 2006 when TED Talks and conferences were made available for free online, they have been inspiring and challenging the way we think. The short, 20-45 minute speeches delivered by a wide variety of experts across countless topics ranging from health care in Rwanda to Facebook have revolutionized the way ideas are shared.

The speeches are engaging and allow for anyone with internet access to learn something new in a matter of minutes. Utilizing the platform of video shorts (sometimes 5/6 speakers per 40 min conference) keeps things fresh and interesting, and the speakers always find creative and intriguing ways to voice their message.

TED Talks are unique in that they allow the viewer to extrapolate knowledge from the speakers experience rather than just a person spewing facts and figures from a PowerPoint. These are real people discussing their experiences or industry expertise. It is left up to you then, to discern the underlying messages being delivered, which makes for a more engaging experience.

Not only do TED talks present information in an engaging manner, they also allow for people who don't have access to conferences or educational forums to educate themselves on whatever interests them, for free, from their computer. Overall, TED talks are a valuable tool for anyone looking to broaden their intellectual horizons or just pick up some fun trivia. Check one out today!

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