Back to School Ready

Labor Day came and past so quickly and as we say farewell to summer, students are packing up their belongings to head back to campus. Whether you are packing up for the first time or a soon-to-be senior preparing for your final year, there is a lot to do and a lot to remember. For those who are not physically returning to a brick and mortar campus, but mentally preparing for the fall semester to start online, it is equally as important to ensure you don’t forget anything. Follow these tips to make sure you are ready to take on your classes!

Have a Plan: Most successful students go into the semester with goals they would like to accomplish. Perhaps it’s acing a class that is important for your major or spending extra time in a subject that you struggle with.

Time Management: Managing your time is essential to success whether you are taking classes online or on campus. Set aside time to study for each class and ask your professors how much time they expect students to study on their own to ensure you are prepared.

Have an External Hard Drive: Whether it’s at 1p.m. or 1a.m. there will be a time when you just completed your 10 page paper only to realize it disappeared. It may sound obvious, but we’ve all done it! Make sure to save your work as you go and save it to an external hard drive in case your computer crashes.

Have Fun: Learning is hard work but it can be fun too! Make sure you take a break from the studying every once and a while and get to an event on campus or a local event in your town.

Good luck to all the students this fall! 

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