Reasons to Love the UMassOnline 24/7 Tech Support

For online students, technology is the backbone behind their entire college experience and if their technology fails them, that can be detrimental to their coursework. Luckily, taking classes online with UMass arms their students with 24/7 tech support to ensure any technological issue can be dealt with efficiently and effectively. Here are a few reasons to love the UMassOnline 24/7 tech support.

Immediate Assistance.
Time is critical for online students to complete their work on time. If students are having a tech issue, UMassOnline’s support center- created with Pearson’s Help Desk Services- gets back to students quickly to ensure their issue is fixed and students can continue on with their work and have a positive online experience. Students can contact the help center by calling, using Live Chat or emailing the help desk.

Meeting specific needs.
Though UMassOnline does provide some general troubleshooting tips and tricks for all of its online platforms, the 24/7 tech support help desk can help students with specific tech issues that may arise. Pearson’s Help Desk Services has gathered data on general help trends for UMass to ensure students will have a solution quickly.

24/7 support.
The 24/7 aspect of the tech support help desk allows online students with busy schedules who may be working on their coursework at odd hours, the safety of knowing that no matter what time it is, if they have a tech issue, they can reach someone to help them immediately.

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