Are Online Degree Programs at UMass Easier Than Those at Traditional Universities?

Many scholars, dignitaries and professionals use the famous quote “Knowledge is Power” to stress the importance of education as a means to achieving ones goals. However, as higher education costs continue to rise growing number of students feel that a college education is simply out of their reach. For many, online education is the key to making the cost of education become more manageable regardless of students’ financial situations.

The flexibility that online education platforms provides helps students, particularly those who have full-time jobs, juggle their career and educational aspirations.  But before you sign up for the next semester’s course load there are a few things to consider. Many students may think that the online format means that the course work is easier. This is simply not true. The flexibility can be preferable for some students but it requires significant self-discipline and commitment to ensure the work product is high-quality and the results are favorable.

Simply put, are the degree programs at UMass easier than those at traditional universities?  The answer is no. In fact, some students attest that online degrees are more challenging than a typical on-campus degree due to the amount of self-motivation and dedication needed to complete the programs. Students that take on-campus classes must adhere to a much stricter schedule, requiring them to be in the classroom for lectures multiple times a week depending on the class. Students that take their courses online much be diligent to ensure enough time is set aside to complete assignments and listen to the lectures.

While online education is appealing to certain students who would otherwise not be able to continue their education in a traditional format, it does not mean that students who complete their degrees online (especially UMass students) are taking an easier route.

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