2016 UMass Graduates

As commencement season is upon us, recent graduates will soon anxiously be entering the workforce. UMass prides itself on graduating students that are ready to take on the job market confidently and successfully, prepared to enter job interviews with the skills learned at UMass. Along with some interview tips that helped UMass students land a job, here are some stats about the graduating class of 2016.

Stats about the 2016 graduating class:

-          About 56 percent of students that attend college graduate within six years

-          The most common major is business and that has been consistent since 1980

-          New grads still find it difficult to get a good job but they still out earn people without a college degree

-          Most graduates believe that attending college was important and worth it

Tips for your next interview:

Arrive early to your interview, but not too early: Your parents probably told you at some point it’s better to be early than late. This is true with the caveat that there is such a thing as being “too early.”  If you are more than 15 minutes early to an interview, look around for a local coffee shop to sit in until it is time to go in. This way you do not pressure your interviewer to take you earlier.

Ask honest questions: Interviewers like when the person they are interviewing asks questions because it shows that you are interested in the job. However, instead of asking one of the five questions you googled to ask during your interview, take the time to really find questions that will help you to decide whether or not this job is a good fit for you. No one wants to hire someone that will leave in six months because they decided it wasn’t a great fit.

Dress appropriately: If you are interviewing for a cool radio job, bank or marketing firm you should always dress the same. There is nothing that puts an interviewer off more than walking into a conference room to a potential employee who is not appropriately dressed. Even if the business is casual dress, it is important to still dress in business attire. Trust us, it goes a long way.

For those who already have a job, congratulations and we hope you enjoyed our stats about this year’s graduating college students.

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