LinkedIn Launches New App for Students

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social media platform for professional networking. Through LinkedIn users can build a professional profile, connect with others professionals, and highlight your expertise and experience; it is essentially an online resume and networking event rolled into one.

In a recent Re/code article, Ada Yu, a product manager at LinkedIn explained, “LinkedIn’s challenge is that its product is most useful once you already have a job. Oftentimes, college students have neither, which makes the idea of creating a profile seem overwhelming.”

To help tackle this issue, LinkedIn created an app specifically for college students called, “LinkedIn Students” that became available on Monday, April 18th.  Through this app college students are able to quickly create or modify a profile, discover career paths and job postings based on their major or interests, and most importantly, connect with alumni who might be able to help you land a job in the industry you are pursuing.  

With “LinkedIn Students” college students and young adults gain access to specific groups of people to contact and connect with, making it easier to use and more efficient in the long run.

Have any of you downloaded the new app? What is your perspective on the app and how do you see it helping your career goals?

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