Common Question: Where Do I Purchase My Textbooks?

This fall semester some Freshman will be decorating their dorm rooms at one of the beautiful campuses this fall, while others will be logging on to the UMass community from the comfort of their own home. Either way, it’s time to buy the textbooks you need for your classes, and if you are an online student, it may be a little more difficult to get to the campus bookstore.

Luckily for you there are a variety of options when it comes to purchasing textbooks for your UMass classes. While you can visit the traditional bookstore at one of the UMass campus locations, you can also search online to order your books and any additional school spirit apparel or gear.  

If you are looking for a deal on a book for an upcoming class there are a variety of websites that offer textbooks at a discount. Amazon is a great destination for buying textbooks. Additionally, once you are done with your book, if you keep it in good condition, you can sell it back to another needy student through Amazon.. Sell Back Your Book is a website solely focused on, you guessed it,  selling back your book ..

Another option is to rent your textbook via various online sites. One of the sites, Afford a Book offers this textbook rental option.

Lastly, thanks to Kindle and other e-reader’s many textbooks and required reading can be downloaded electronically.

So whether you go to the campus bookstore or one of the many online sites that offer textbooks, make sure that the book you are purchasing exactly matches the edition the professor has assigned!

Good luck in the fall semester! 

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