Why Online Badge Programs Are the New Key to Success

Many young professionals start their careers in a field related to their undergraduate degree concentration. However, once they gain a few years of experience in the real world, some choose to change career paths. While a career change can sometimes require additional education, professionals now have a new option to get the required knowledge for new vocations: badge programs. Students can also take classes to receive a badge to further their career in their current field or to receive additional compensation by providing added skillsets.

Online certifications and badge programs are gaining further popularity by allowing professionals who have not graduated from college to gain the knowledge needed for jobs that would otherwise be unattainable due to their lack of degree. Not to mention, the return on investment from a badge is far greater than the tuition debt of many four year colleges.

Badge programs are specifically built with an end goal in mind to help students ready themselves for employment as soon as they complete the required work. 

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