Online Learning Continues to Soar

With the market for online education predicted to swell this year, as the popularity and accessibility of online learning expands into new geographies and mobile devices become ever more ubiquitous, the scope, provider market, and variety of platforms in the online educational arena is sure to grow as well. As it does, educators and students alike must take advantage of the wonderful accessibility the online platform provides, while making sure that an adherence to quality and student outcomes remains a top priority.

As the online landscape rapidly progresses, UMassOnline is committed to ensuring that the educational curriculum keeps pace and adapts to these advancing technologies to create a cooperative relationship that benefits the student, providing greater accessibility while maintaining the quality of the education offerings.  

With so many online educational choices, UMassOnline recommends that any online learner thoroughly investigate the source and reliability of online education providers to ensure that the final certification or degree received by the students holds weight with employers and other educational institutions.

Please visit the the UMassOnline site to learn more about the online programs offered by UMass. Best of luck in your studies!

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