How Women Find Their Voice in the Workplace

A recent article penned by Madeline E. Heilman a psychology professor at New York University, details the actions that women can take when they do not receive appropriate credit for their contributions in the workplace. Psychology Professor Michelle C. Haynes from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, the article details that women who worked collaboratively with men on projects were not only seen as less competent than their male peers, but when a project was successful, the man received the credit. Additionally, the study also found that women tend to devalue their own contributions.

Some of the suggested methods women can implement to counter this trend include:

  • Self-promotion;
  • Clarifying your role; and
  • Volunteering to be the spokesperson

UMassOnline strives to help every student succeed and find their passion through education. These tips can also be applied to the classroom to ensure that every student is recognized for their work and their contributions in every environment.

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