Boston Globe Article on Online Learning Quotes UMass Student and UMass Senior Lecturer

D.C. Denison of The Boston Globe recently penned a terrific article detailing the rigors of online learning in higher education. It is an important piece for two reasons. One, it debunks much of the mythology among some that distance learning is easy. Two, he got his information from some of the most reliable and knowledgeable sources: online students and teachers.

One of these sources is UMass online student Joe Garland who, Mr. Denison reports, has returned to finish a degree program interrupted a decade ago. If that fits your profile as a returning learner, and if you want to know what it is really like to adapt to contemporary distance learning, this student’s perspective will be helpful.

The second UMass person noted in the story is Karen Stevens, senior lecturer and chief undergraduate adviser for UMass’s University Without Walls. She explains how the online option makes it virtually impossible for students to remain passive. Her quote: “You can’t hide online because the instructor will know exactly how often, and how much, you are contributing…”

The article includes many other sources and overall provides a compelling overview every prospective online learner should take a few moments to read.

You can access D.C. Denison’s article at this link.