Dean of UMass Boston University College Featured in Boston Herald Article about Online Learning Growth

A recent Boston Herald article by Rochelle Stewart Rubino features one of our own at UMass in a piece that projects the growth and importance of online higher education options with specific reference to UMass Boston’s own expectations. Here are just a few excerpts from Ms. Rubino’s report:

Fueled by changing demographics, online education is quickly becoming what some experts describe as “disruptive innovation.” …That is, it “will change the way we think about higher education,” said Dr. Philip DiSalvio, Dean of University College at the University of Massachusetts Boston, an expert on online education trends… DiSalvio described disruptive innovation as something that “changes the face of an industry.” …DiSalvio said he sees more and more students at UMass Boston, including undergraduates, opting to take online courses… “We expect over 10,000 online enrollments in these courses,” he said.