See and Hear from UMass Online Students at Recent Graduation Ceremonies

This is a wonderful time of year for most no matter where they are or what they are doing. But perhaps no time or place can be more memorable and important than a spring graduation ceremony for its marking of a major life achievement. That probably explains why a growing number of UMass’ online students find a way to ‘go traditional’ for a day and join their colleagues on campus to acknowledge an achievement that carries life- and career-changing implications.

Turns out, our own Daniel Peikin, who is our Marketing and Customer Support Coordinator, is also a skilled videographer and this year he volunteered to visit a number of campus graduation ceremonies and capture the thoughts and feelings of online students accepting their degrees. Take a minute to view Dan’s footage, at least three takeaways become immediately apparent. One, the happiness among these students is indistinguishable from that of traditional students. Two,  UMass delivered and then some against these students’ educational expectations for quality. And, three, learning online was every bit as satisfying, challenging and rewarding.

Click the links below to view the videos: