Blog: 2014

The Massachusetts Conference for Women - 10th Anniversary

How do you expect to feel when you are surrounded by 10,000 professional women leaders and entrepreneurs? In one word – inspired! UMassOnline had the opportunity last week to exhibit at The Massachusetts Conference for Women in Boston. What a great feeling it was to see so many empowering women under one roof. As the conference celebrated its 10th anniversary that day, we were all honored with the presence of phenomenal speakers such as Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o, and fashion designer/CEO Tory Burch.

Embarking on a New Journey - Class of 2014

The University of Massachusetts proudly sent off another successful class of graduates earlier this year. Commencement is always such a special time when families and friends gather to celebrate the academic achievements of their loved ones. Many members of the staff at UMassOnline had the chance to attend the on-campus commencement ceremonies this year and connect with the graduates on their big day. It gave them a chance to share their success stories and encourage others who might be considering obtaining their degree online.

Death or Public Speaking… What Would You Choose?

Did you know that public speaking is the #1 fear in the world? It beats the fear of actually dying. That seems like a pretty farfetched fact, but it is the truth. Maybe that would explain why I had to take my Speech class twice. I was so frightened to actually have to get up in front of my class that I actually contemplated not even finishing my degree because of it. Hey, I know I am not alone who felt that way! Public speaking is not easy for a lot us.

4 Reasons to Major in Global Affairs

Note Taking: Writing vs. Typing

Let's just say note taking when you are in online class can be a little different than when you are taking an on-campus class. Most of the information tends to be on a computer screen as opposed to listening to a professor lecture. We know note taking is important. It is said to help you retain information a lot longer than if you just listen or read. I came across this infographic that actually shares some great tips for best practices in note taking.

Stay Ahead of Today’s Fast-Paced Work Environment with UMass Online Professional Development Programs

Professional development programs are a great source to help you stay current and competitive in today's ever changing work environment. These programs provide individuals or employers with essential tools to keep abreast of changes, learn new skills, sharpen current skills, achieve personal development objectives, or broaden knowledge to improve professional occupational skills and increase productivity with just a few classes.

Becoming a Successful Leader

"Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others." - Jack Welch

Do you have the power to lead other people? The capacity not only to get the job done right, but to guide your team in advancement? These days as managers grow into positions with more responsibility they are faced with wearing multiple hats. Some might include: motivator, educator, leader and disciplinarian.

Earth Day - A Great Reason to Go Green

Forty-four years ago today began the annual celebration on Earth Day. On this day millions pay tribute on raising awareness around the increased need in protection of the environment and appreciation for Earth. Around the globe you will find communities planting trees, conducting programs to increase recycling or simply picking up trash along the roadsides. It is a day where one large group - who believes in the preservation of our planet, can make an impact.

UMass System Launches 23 New Online Programs in FY 14

In a press release published today, the University of Massachusetts was proud to announce they have vastly expanded their online program development. The campuses developed a total of 23 new programs to add to the online offerings in FY 14. Click here to read the full press release.

Top Reasons to Earn Your Business Degree Online

I came across this article while browsing information on business degrees. I am personally continuing my education and wanted to see the benefits of earning a degree in business. The article lists many great reasons to select business as a major.