5 Ways To Head Into A Successful Semester

Winter break is coming to a close. Hopefully everyone was able to take full advantage of your many weeks off and had time to spend with family and friends. The new spring semester is rolling up on us fast and it will be well underway before your know it.

Here are some helpful tips to start your semester off right.

  1. Don’t forget to buy your textbooks – being prepared is key!
  2. Figure out your logistics – where/when to study, transportation, internet connection, etc.
  3. Know where to go for help – Example,  it is best to know who to contact when you are locked out of BlackBoard at 10pm at night…yikes!
  4. Plan your week out – Your professors are going to expect you to work; so carving out the time you need to get your class work done is imperative.
  5. It’s all in your head - mentally preparing yourself will do your mind and body good and get you into “school mode” again.

Have a great semester everyone!

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