Experience...What To Do When You Need More

Are you taking your degree online or in a blended format, but want more hands on experience? No worries! Most degrees require an internship to be completed so you can actually get some “hands on” experience in the field. A lot of students typically get nervous in their studies when they actually do not work in the field and cannot relate to the other students experiences in the class. This is why internships or practicums are so beneficial.

There are lots of other ways to maximize your online learning experience while still engaging in your occupational field of choice. Getting an education online doesn’t mean that you should wait until you graduate to actually take your first step into the field. One of the best ways to learn a discipline is by utilizing all your schools resources that help you find an actual job or volunteer for a position in that field. If you’re studying education, try interning at a local school or after school program. If you’re studying nursing, start volunteering at a hospital. Many organizations have opportunities in place for students in situations like this and are happy to accept volunteers or taking on interns. This experience will look great on your resume, and will reinforce everything you have learned in class.

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