4 Reasons to Major in Global Affairs

Do you realize that changes in societies and cultures are directly linked in such a way that changes the rest of the world? It seems hard to believe that the little changes in one country can affect us all, but it is true. With a major in Global Affairs, you will explore the global relationships among countries, governments, peoples, and organizations. It prepares graduates for advanced study and careers in governance, politics, NGO leadership, consultancy, enterprise systems and management of regional economies. Learning about frontline global issues from a variety of perspectives including war, poverty, disease, diplomacy, democracy, trade, economics, and globalization. Studying how the past has influenced the present will assist you in attempting to predict the consequences of future international decisions. As an Global Affairs major, you'll be incorporating many points of view in an effort to work together for a better world.

Benefits of Majoring in Global Affairs:

Research – Research is a large fundamental component in the study of global affairs. When engaged in original research on a global topics, events, or issues, students enrich their educational experience, deepen their knowledge, and expand their intellectual views, which challenges students to think abstractly.
Awareness - Students choosing this degree will build a whole-world perspective as they are introduced to topics relevant to concerns shared among nations: cultural awareness and sensitivity, international public policy, international security, international development, economics, and environment and geography.
Exploration- Most degrees in Global Affairs encourage students to study abroad. The hands-on learning experiences gained through studying abroad are unmatched curriculum that exposes students to courses in history, government, languages and linguistics and other areas as they prepare to become thoughtful global leaders.
Career Opportunities - Graduates in this emerging field of study are already in demand across a wide range of professions in both the public and private sector and in non-profit organizations, as all employment sectors adjust to globalization. Possible career paths can lead to the U.S Department of State, Foreign Services, International Services Agencies and many more.

Please visit the online Bachelor of Arts in Global Affairs from UMass Boston if you would like to continue your studies in this area.

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