Blog: December 2015

New Year Resolutions

As 2015 quickly comes to a close, self-delusion runs rampant while individuals pore over their life choices and decide which resolution they will make and subsequently break just days into the New Year. However, this annual tradition of failing to stand resolute in the face of temptation and difficulty does not need to continue. It is in fact possible to stick to your New Year’s resolutions by doing one simple thing: Be honest with yourself!

Do you want to lose weight?  Go back to school?  Quit smoking? Exercise more? Spend more time with loved ones?

Ways to Bounce Back After Falling Behind in an Online Class

We are all guilty of falling behind during a class, even if it is just a little bit. When this happens, we can learn from it and remember the next assignment or exam is crucial to getting back on track. Remember these few tips if you find yourself in this position: