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Finish The Degree You Started With UWW - Application Deadline October 1st

Looking to finish your degree in the spring? The UMass Amherst University Without Walls spring semester program is still accepting students until October 1st. Students who have already done most of the leg work for their degree, but still need more credits to achieve their goals can apply now to finish their bachelor’s degree fully online.

Elementary School Children Look to the Future of Higher Education

Here at UMass we like to hear stories about schools providing children with a path leading them to higher education. It’s essential for children to learn the importance of higher education at an early age to provide them with a head start. The Pitt County Schools of North Carolina will start a new program called AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination). This program was originally geared towards high schoolers, but with the hard work of the school and Sugg-Bundy Elementary School in Farmville, NC will receive $500 to implement this program for all fourth graders in the coming weeks.

UMass Rises in US News & World Report Rankings

UMass Continues to Rise in the US News & World Report rankings another two positions in the 2017 Best Colleges guide. UMass Amherst came in at number 27 of the nation’s best public universities list which put the university in the top 30 for the fourth year in a row. The prestigious list ranks more than 600 public, four-year universities in the country.

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El Paso TEDx Focuses on Advanced Degrees and Post- Secondary Education

There is an ongoing debate about higher education and whether there is value in having a bachelor’s or master’s degree versus additional training geared towards a specific skillset. Some argue that the return on investment for higher education is not worth the price tag. However, at a recent TEDx in El Paso Texas, a prominent local businessman explained just how important it is for individuals to receive an advanced degree to help the local economy.

TIME for Affordable Education

With the presidential election only two months away, topics such as education continue to be in the forefront of the debate – especially among democrats. Senator Tim Kaine recently wrote an article for Time Magazine on Affordable Higher Education, and in the piece he describes how different the educational landscape is now compared to when he attended college in the 1970s.

UMassOnline Advisor Spotlight: MaryBeth Kimball

Often students need guidance to help them achieve their highest potential. The University of Massachusetts recognizes the essential role that advisors play in the success of students and as a result, spends a great deal of time finding and employing some of the best advisors in higher education. This month, UMass spotlights MaryBeth Kimball, Director of Admissions and Advising at the Isenberg School of Management at the UMass Amherst campus. We caught up with MaryBeth to learn a little bit more about what she does for her students.

Back to School Ready

Labor Day came and past so quickly and as we say farewell to summer, students are packing up their belongings to head back to campus. Whether you are packing up for the first time or a soon-to-be senior preparing for your final year, there is a lot to do and a lot to remember. For those who are not physically returning to a brick and mortar campus, but mentally preparing for the fall semester to start online, it is equally as important to ensure you don’t forget anything.

Online Learning Continues to Soar

With the market for online education predicted to swell this year, as the popularity and accessibility of online learning expands into new geographies and mobile devices become ever more ubiquitous, the scope, provider market, and variety of platforms in the online educational arena is sure to grow as well. As it does, educators and students alike must take advantage of the wonderful accessibility the online platform provides, while making sure that an adherence to quality and student outcomes remains a top priority.

Join Us To Learn More About The Isenberg School of Management

There are many reasons to choose an MBA as a way to grow your career, and this fall can be an ideal time to get started working towards getting a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).

Once you have decided to work towards an MBA, there are many other choices to make. Is it important for you to go to a classroom every day, or do you need greater flexibility to work around a work schedule with online classes? Will you choose to take classes full-time or part-time?

Common Question: Where Do I Purchase My Textbooks?

This fall semester some Freshman will be decorating their dorm rooms at one of the beautiful campuses this fall, while others will be logging on to the UMass community from the comfort of their own home. Either way, it’s time to buy the textbooks you need for your classes, and if you are an online student, it may be a little more difficult to get to the campus bookstore.