Blog: 2021

Student Success: Finding Her Way, In Her Own Time

As Sarah Nickerson headed off to college in Boston in the fall of 2008, she wasn’t really sure what she wanted to do with her life — or if college was even for her.

What Can You Do With a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology?

If you are thinking about what you want to study in college and you’re considering psychology as a major, you might be wondering about what kind of jobs you can get with a psychology degree. You’ll need a doctoral degree if you’re interested in becoming a psychologist.

Alumni Testimonial: How Earning an Online MBA Opened the Door for New Career Opportunities

With nearly two decades of work as a certified public accountant (CPA) under her belt, Pennsylvania resident Rusty Williams was looking to the future. She loved the work she did as a CPA, but it required a demanding work schedule with long hours that she just couldn't see herself maintaining for the remainder of her career.

Faculty Spotlight: Dana Henry Shares 30 Years of Leadership and Career Advice

Similar to how a chef dedicates their life to perfecting the art of cooking, Dana has spent the past 30 years of her career learning and fine-tuning her skills – developing leadership-focused programs for working professionals looking to acquire the knowledge and tools needed to be effective leaders.  

Tips to Lead Organizational Change While Working Remotely

As a Leadership Excellence faculty member at the UMass Donahue Institute, over the course of the pandemic one of the most frequently asked questions I have been asked is, “how can I be an effective leader when my employees are remote?” It is no surprise why this is top of mind for many organizational leaders.

What I Learned in the Online Leadership Excellence Certificate Program

In a recent blog post, Dana Henry, Director of Organizational Development & Learning Solutions at the UMass Donahue Institute, shared her top ten tips for being an effective leader with organizational change.

Student Testimonial: Online Leadership Excellence Certificate Program

Meet Som Seng, a full-time marketer, and mother who shares her experience as an online student in UMass Donahue Institute's online Leadership Excellence certificate program.

Som Seng, UMass Donahue Institute Online Leadership Excellence Certificate Student

Complimentary Toolkit: Employing Design Thinking to Lead Organizational Change

Leading organizational change often starts from an internal perspective of “What is the problem and how can we fix it?

Design Thinking offers an alternative approach to instead put ourselves in the shoes of our customers. This is the main focus of the second module in the 8-week online Leadership Excellence certificate program titled, "Driving Innovation."

The Importance of Creating Post-Pandemic Recovery for Women

Now more than ever, UMass Online believes advocating for and supporting economic opportunities for women is critical.

Over the past year, covid-19 has had a disproportionate economic impact on women. Nearly 3 million American women have left the labor force over the past year in response to the pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, women made up more than 50% of the United States’ workforce, however this number has dropped severely[1].