Overcome Barriers to Organizational Change with this Complimentary Toolkit

Leading organizational change requires many skills. Some of the more well-known skills include:

  • Having a business case for change

  • Aligning key stakeholders

  • Communicating a compelling vision

  • Sustaining the change

However, one often overlooked skill set to successfully lead and implement change is to proactively overcome barriers to change.

As a leader you must recognize that barriers to change can either be obstacles or objections.

  • Obstacles to change are systemic organizational issues (policies, processes, etc.) that can prevent the change from being realized.
  • Objections are personal issues that individuals raise about why they feel the change won’t work. Both types of barriers can halt change but require very different skills to overcome and sustain change.

Leaders must understand how to categorize barriers to change into these two groupings: Obstacles or Objections.

To apply this information to the real-world, the UMass Donahue Institute has developed detailed instructions and exercises pulled from its online Leadership Excellence Certificate Program to learn how to apply the below two tools to remove obstacles and objections to change:

  1. The Prevention Checklist to overcome objections

  2. The Systemic Analyzer to remove obstacles


Download the complimentary PDF exercises


About the Leadership Excellence Certificate Program:

Designed specifically for government and non-profit professionals, this 8-week online webinar leadership program provides 30-hours of hands-on learning where you will:

  • Learn Leadership Style: Discover your leadership style by completing two online assessments based on Hogan Leadership Styles
  • Drive Innovation: Collaborate with thought leaders to identify opportunities for innovation
  • Receive Executive Coaching: Based on your results from an online leadership assessment
  • Implement Successful Organizational Change: Develop a change implementation plan for a real-life organization (based on the Kotter 8-Stage Process for Leading Change)
  • Gain Commitment: Understand how to help individuals transition during change (based on the Bridges Transition Model)
  • Overcome Barriers: Learn how to remove obstacles to sustain your change initiative

Interested in learning more? Click here to request more information about the Leadership Excellence Certificate. The first session, beginning April 15th, is already full. The next session will begin Fall 2021.