Is a Human Services Degree for You?

While prosperity has expanded worldwide, issues of poverty, underserved communities and human rights issues continue. Human services leaders face these issues head on, working to better the circumstances for those who need support. It’s an important field in the 21st century that has a direct impact on people’s lives.

Does Too Much Screen Time Really Impact a Child’s Development?

Researchers have debated the impact of screen time on children for decades. It’s an issue that those earning a Bachelor of Arts in Children’s Learning and Development will certainly address both in their academic and professional careers. The following are some of the issues around children and screen time.

What is Arts Management?

Arts management is critical to ensuring public access to great works of art and artistic performances. It’s a career worthy of consideration for those who love art and have a knack for business. The University of Massachusetts offers the nation’s only online bachelor’s degree that focuses on arts management.

Social Justice Careers Worth Pursuing

Social justice offers many different career paths for those interested in making a difference in the world. These areas can include health, environmental conditions and economic opportunities. Many of them are found in the nonprofit sector or with government agencies. The following represent just some of the opportunities in social justice.

Why You Should Create Your Own Major

While some students are fine choosing to pursue a degree in one of the majors offered by a university, others want to build their own degree based on their specific needs and interests. An individualized concentration degree is aimed at those who aren’t satisfied with the standard choices of majors, giving students a chance to build their own.

What Can You Do With A Bachelor’s Degree in Writing?

Communication is important in many careers. Those who earn a degree in writing often move onto other fields, from medicine and law to education. When thinking about making a living in writing, it’s important to keep an open mind on ways you can launch a career. The following are some of the careers that are open to writers. 

Opioid Crisis: Treatment Instead of Jail Time

The opioid crisis has reached the point of an epidemic. Earning a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or master’s degree in public health places students in a position to learn more about options for tackling health issues, including the treatment vs. incarceration debate for opioids.

5 Signs You Will Enjoy a Career in Early Childhood Education

Some people love kids. It’s really that simple. If you are one of those people, then choosing to get a degree in early childhood education is a smart move. The world needs more people like you. Before deciding to earn your degree in this all-important field, consider the following indications that it’s a likely a good career fit for you.

Journalism Ethics: Battling Fake News

Now more than ever, good journalism is needed to combat fake news. The first step in creating a better environment for journalism in the U.S. and around the world is entry into the profession by those who have studied communications and media. Read more about some of the ways journalism is fighting against the fake news phenomenon.

Aging Population and Importance of Gerontology

The population of the U.S. is getting older. Much, much older. The Baby Boomer generation is driving this shift nearing retirement age but staying more active than ever. It’s the main reason jobs in aging services management and gerontology have increased in recent years. Learn more as we look at opportunities in the field of gerontology.