National Distance Learning Week

In the wake of this week’s presidential election the majority of the American populace, regardless of their political affiliation, is simply happy that this long and exhausting election season is behind us. So in the spirit of moving forward, here is some non-political news to enjoy: it is National Distance Learning Week!  All week we have been celebrating students who benefit from the flexibility of online learning to receive a quality education and work towards their degree.

How Do Online Students Interact With Professors?

A huge part of the higher education experience is students’ interaction with their professors. There is nothing like being in the room with an engaging teacher. But what happens when you take away in-person interaction with online learning?

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UMass Dartmouth – One of the Top Options for Online Law

College Choice, a top authority for ranking colleges and universities, has named UMass Dartmouth as one of the country’s top online law schools! Not only was UMass listed as #12 on the list of 35 schools, but the program’s cost-per-credit was revealed to be one of the most affordable on the list.


How to Find a Teacher with Magic

If you Google teacher quotes many sayings pop up, such as “A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart” or “It takes a big heart to mold young minds.” a recent Ted Talk from Dr. Christopher Emdin of Columbia University made us think about what makes these teachers that we remember so great. Do they have magic? How is it that the lessons from some teachers stay with us, even when we have become parents of our own or the CEO of a company? What is it about certain teachers that they can influence generations?

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UMass Named One of the World’s Most Innovative Universities

We are excited to announce that for a second year in a row, UMass has made Reuters Top 100 list of the world’s most innovative universities!

President Meehan said that a big part of UMass being on this list is due to the innovative and committed faculty at the university. 

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Exploring TED Talks

Since 2006 when TED Talks and conferences were made available for free online, they have been inspiring and challenging the way we think. The short, 20-45 minute speeches delivered by a wide variety of experts across countless topics ranging from health care in Rwanda to Facebook have revolutionized the way ideas are shared.

Finish The Degree You Started With UWW - Application Deadline October 1st

Looking to finish your degree in the spring? The UMass Amherst University Without Walls spring semester program is still accepting students until October 1st. Students who have already done most of the leg work for their degree, but still need more credits to achieve their goals can apply now to finish their bachelor’s degree fully online.

Elementary School Children Look to the Future of Higher Education

Here at UMass we like to hear stories about schools providing children with a path leading them to higher education. It’s essential for children to learn the importance of higher education at an early age to provide them with a head start. The Pitt County Schools of North Carolina will start a new program called AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination). This program was originally geared towards high schoolers, but with the hard work of the school and Sugg-Bundy Elementary School in Farmville, NC will receive $500 to implement this program for all fourth graders in the coming weeks.

UMass Rises in US News & World Report Rankings

UMass Continues to Rise in the US News & World Report rankings another two positions in the 2017 Best Colleges guide. UMass Amherst came in at number 27 of the nation’s best public universities list which put the university in the top 30 for the fourth year in a row. The prestigious list ranks more than 600 public, four-year universities in the country.

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El Paso TEDx Focuses on Advanced Degrees and Post- Secondary Education

There is an ongoing debate about higher education and whether there is value in having a bachelor’s or master’s degree versus additional training geared towards a specific skillset. Some argue that the return on investment for higher education is not worth the price tag. However, at a recent TEDx in El Paso Texas, a prominent local businessman explained just how important it is for individuals to receive an advanced degree to help the local economy.