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There are many reasons to choose an MBA as a way to grow your career, and this fall can be an ideal time to get started working towards getting a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).

Once you have decided to work towards an MBA, there are many other choices to make. Is it important for you to go to a classroom every day, or do you need greater flexibility to work around a work schedule with online classes? Will you choose to take classes full-time or part-time?

Common Question: Where Do I Purchase My Textbooks?

This fall semester some Freshman will be decorating their dorm rooms at one of the beautiful campuses this fall, while others will be logging on to the UMass community from the comfort of their own home. Either way, it’s time to buy the textbooks you need for your classes, and if you are an online student, it may be a little more difficult to get to the campus bookstore.

Common Question: How Quickly Can I Earn My Degree?

One of the many reasons students take online classes is for the flexibility it provides for those working a full time job and to take a “full load” of classes to graduate sooner.  One of the best aspects of taking online classes through UMass: the option to take classes as slowly or quickly as you like. Depending on students’ schedules and workload capacity, a full course load of six classes could be possible. If you know that you have a busy season coming up at work, perhaps a two class schedule makes more sense.

5 Tips on Successful Salary Negotiating

As we approach the beginning of another school year, new students are excited to begin their journey and seasoned learners look forward to hitting the books again during the fall semester. But what about the recent graduates whose yearly return to academia is over and replaced by an ongoing, stressful search for their first job?

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Think Tank Calling for Credentialing

As the higher education industry continues its rapid evolution, a well-known think tank is looking to shake things up even more. A necessary but sometimes unwelcome test, the SAT, is a tool used by higher ed institutions to judge the knowledge of potential students. In years past the SAT score was heavily weighted in the application process.

Common Question: Do I have to log in at specific times do group projects with other students?

One of the biggest draws of online classes is their flexibility. Students also want a program that is reputable enough to ensure that they will be as strong candidates in the job market as those that went to a brick and mortar institution.

UMassOnline delivers the same quality education from each of the five UMass campuses, but in an online format. Many faculty members take the time to teach their courses online as well as in person. Through this system, UMass can offer a wide range of courses and programs.

Why Online Badge Programs Are the New Key to Success

Many young professionals start their careers in a field related to their undergraduate degree concentration. However, once they gain a few years of experience in the real world, some choose to change career paths. While a career change can sometimes require additional education, professionals now have a new option to get the required knowledge for new vocations: badge programs. Students can also take classes to receive a badge to further their career in their current field or to receive additional compensation by providing added skillsets.

UMass President Marty Meehan’s Community Contributions

UMass President Marty Meehan is making headlines for his contributions to the greater Massachusetts community. Meehan is known for being a well-regarded politician and university leader. Previously serving in the U.S. House of Representatives and as the Chancellor of UMass Lowell. Most recently, he received an honorary degree from the American College of Greece and made a generous donation for UMass Lowell scholarships and an educational foundation.

UMass Online MBA Program Among Top Programs Who Offer Great Flexibility

With increasingly busier work and personal schedules, fitting in a desired higher education degree can be very difficult. Online education programs, like those offered by UMass, are great ways to further your education and career while still maintaining your current commitments.

In a recent U.S. News and World Report article the author discussed the major benefits of an online MBA, and we couldn’t agree more!

Are Online Degree Programs at UMass Easier Than Those at Traditional Universities?

Many scholars, dignitaries and professionals use the famous quote “Knowledge is Power” to stress the importance of education as a means to achieving ones goals. However, as higher education costs continue to rise growing number of students feel that a college education is simply out of their reach. For many, online education is the key to making the cost of education become more manageable regardless of students’ financial situations.