Get ready to take the first step towards a brighter future with UMass Global's online Associate of Arts (AA) in General Education degree! This program will lay the foundation for further undergraduate study at the bachelor's level and equip you with a well-rounded understanding of various subjects.

As a general education degree student, you'll be unstoppable! You'll master the art of writing with coherence, grammar, and rhetorical flair. Presentations will be a breeze, as you'll learn how to deliver powerful and appropriate speeches that hit the bullseye. Mathematics and social and economic trends? No problem! You'll be able to make accurate calculations and understand the symbolism behind it all.

You'll be able to evaluate and apply academic knowledge to real-life issues, both in the workplace and in the community. And if you have a novel or unique idea, you'll be able to discuss it with ease. The world is a diverse place, and you'll be ready to understand how cultural perspectives impact various issues in politics, society, the arts, and global relations. Finally, you'll be a research pro, as you'll learn how to evaluate and cite various information resources to complete academic essays with ease.

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