Hospitality Management and Tourism Leaders Every Student Should Know

Hospitality Management and Tourism Leaders Every Student Should Know | Online Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree Program | UMassOnline

As with any industry, hospitality management and tourism have their shining stars. They are considered leaders and trendsetters in the field.

For those who work in the hospitality industry, these stars are worth following on social media. For students who want to earn a degree in hospitality and tourism management, they are a must.

People such as Boston-based Greg Bodenair offer successful hospitality strategies, inspiration and great ideas. He and others also show how successful a person can become working in hospitality management.

Hospitality Management and Tourism Leaders

Here are a half-dozen leaders in the hospitality and tourism industry who are worth knowing and following.

Greg Bodenair

Bodenair is president of the Boston Chapter of the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International. He describes himself as “obsessed with hotels.” While he comments on all issues related to hospitality, he often focuses on ways to leverage technology in travel as well as digital marketing.  

Daniel E. Craig

Craig founded Reknown, a global consulting company that specializes in marketing, customer experience and reputation management. Clients include TripAdvisor, Blue Diamond Resorts, Hard Rock Hotels and the Intercontinental Hotels Group. He also writes mystery novels set in hotels. So, he’s an expert in hospitality management in all kinds of ways. He Tweets often about all aspects of hospitality and tourism, often with a digital focus.

Veronica Stoddart

Stoddart served as travel editor for USA Today for 16 years, then launched a new career as a content editor and strategist. She runs her own consulting business, VS Content Strategy, and
“considers travel a force for good.” As one might expect from a journalist, she Tweets often about the hospitality industry, providing those with an interest in the field a steady source of news and links on the latest hospitality and tourism trends.

Loren Gray

Gray also focuses on hospitality management and tourism in a digital world. He founded Hospitality Digital Marketing and often speaks on the use of technology in hospitality marketing and services. Hospitality and tourism students can check in on him in two ways: a weekly live stream show where Gray and other experts talk about industry trends and his frequently updated Twitter account.

Jennifer Hsieh

Hsieh serves as vice president for CX innovation for Marriott International. She is considered a leader in creating unique and successful business-related hospitality services. This includes creation of informal meeting spaces that have proven a big draw for the chain. While not as active on social media, Hsieh is often interviewed and featured in articles on hospitality management and is frequent speaker.

Glenn Haussman

New York-based Haussman hosts No Vacancy, a popular podcast where he discusses travel trends and interviews industry leaders. He also provides links to news about hospitality and travel. More insights and links can be found on his Twitter feed, where he posts on everything from business travel to Las Vegas.

These half-dozen hospitality management and tourism leaders can offer new insights into the latest industry trends. Consider them a bonus to your formal hospitality industry education.