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UMass Weighing the Significant Value of Institutional Awards in Higher Education to Students Seeking Education

Various rankings, awards, honors and other distinctions that a university and its programs receive are probably not the principal or only reason behind most students’ ultimate school selection. But these honors can be a good indicator of institutional and program quality, affordability, and better teaching and learning outcomes, especially if such distinctions are frequent and broad.

They also matter because they increase the recognition and reputation of the college or university. In turn, this means if you attend an award-winning institution, more of your peers, family members, and potential employers will know about the school you attended and have a favorable opinion of it. In a way, this increases their perception of the value of your education as well as your value.

For this issue, the focus is on several of the most recent program and institutional distinctions earned by UMass for its online programs and overall excellence in online teaching and learning. These are awards about which we are very proud. But the point is, they represent something every learner taking UMass online programs can be proud of, too.

You can review a complete list of the multiple awards UMassOnline and UMass online programs have received over the past two to three years here on this page of the UMassOnline website.

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