Why Online? And Why UMassOnline?

UMassOnline has been chosen by thousands of worldwide learners because of its rich tradition and quality education. Each one of these learners has their own unique story to tell about why they chose to get their degree or certificate online. 

UMassOnline is also best known for the faculty who teach online. They are a stellar group of professionals who are the same people who teach on campus and have set the bar in quality education. Each has embraced distance learning and offers a unique perspective on teaching over the web in addition to the classroom. We welcome you to scroll through a sample of our faculty testimonials to see what they have to say about teaching online.

UMassOnline Student Quotes


Venu Iyer, UMass Amherst MBA Program

The Online curriculum that UMass offered was flexible and helped me strike the right work/school/personal life balance. I was amazed how the distance learning courses not only encapsulated all the subjects and materials that an on-campus curriculum would offer but in addition offered much more flexibility and opportunity to study in a virtual way--which is the growing phenomenon in today's economic environment. It is also in one way a positive contribution towards a greener environment.


Mary Gagliastro, UMass Amherst MBA Program

UMassOnline offers me the option of both online and in-person classes located at satellite locations. The online option works well because it doesn't require you to be in a particular place at a particular time each week, so there is more flexibility. It allows you to interact with people from around the globe without leaving your home. It affords you the opportunity to work within your own schedule to do class assignments. It's definitely a different way of learning and takes a little time to get used to, but you may be surprised at how connected you do feel even from a distance.


Glen Louis Loveland, UMass Lowell Liberal Arts Program

UMassOnline was truly one of the best investments I could have made. The strength of the program and the outstanding faculty have helped me improve my communication skills and innovative thinking, and they have instilled in me a desire to continue to learn.


Christine Shea, University Without Walls Business Studies Focus Program

With my full-time career that requires a lot of traveling, continuing my education online was the perfect solution for my needs. It provides me with a flexible learning environment while interacting with high quality teaching professionals.


Bill Sullivan, UMass Amherst RN to BS Program

The advantage of having the bachelor's degree is that it gives you credibility for what you are doing. It allows you into positions that you might not necessarily be able to have applied for. I worked full time while I completed the program and it was a challenge, but it was manageable. You get a positive email from a faculty member and suddenly what seemed to be impossible becomes possible.


Thema Peoples, University Without Walls Early Care and Education

When I started at UWW and I was very, very excited about the program. At home I still had a family and a husband and to take care of, but just the fact that I would be able to do my classes online was very thrilling to me. I'd finally found a program I felt that I could do and a place where I could finally go on and finish my bachelor's degree. In class we fed off each other, being able to give each other ideas and then help each other with homework. The scary part at first was the computer and being online, but now it's my best friend!


Rosemary Feeley Foreman, University Without Walls Health & Human Services, UMass Amherst

The online UWW program gave me the flexibility I needed to complete my assignments and study each week. All of my classmates were actually able to get to know each other, bond and support each other, without ever meeting in person.


Yasmin Aboelsaud, UMass Amherst, Certificate in Journalism

E-books have taken online education to a new level. Being abroad, I had troubles finding English bookstores. I worried this would impede my plans to study at UMassOnline. Not only was having access to e-books cheaper than ordering books, it also allowed me to be on the same pages as my online classmates all over the world. The UMass library's ebook collection is large and continues to grow. The system is user friendly and easy to browse through. With many now reading online newspapers instead of print, it is only a matter of time before more universities begin having online ebook libraries.


Sophia Veinoglou, UMass Amherst RN to BS Program

Imagine being able to acquire your RN-BS degree from the comfort of your own home. The beauty and flexibility of the RN-BS program allowed me to work full time as an ED nurse, save on commute time and fuel, without compromising my family life. The instructors of this program were always "visible" and I felt supported and encouraged by each one.


Joan Temmerman MD, UMass Amherst Master of Public Health in Nutrition

The MPH-nutrition program at University of Massachusetts Amherst is awesome! I am a busy clinician, and the convenience of an on-line MPH was appealing. However, the individualized approach, the outstanding faculty, and the high caliber of peers combined into an interactive teaching environment has totally surpassed my expectations. I have absolutely enjoyed every aspect of this superb program, and I highly recommend it.


Denise Schultz '11, UMass Dartmouth BA in Women's Studies

The flexibility of the program in terms of when you get your work done, cannot be understated. This is a huge plus. However, do not think an online program means less work. I firmly believe I have completed a heavier workload online because of the required readings and writing. This has made me a better student, and I yearn for more knowledge. The online program has allowed me to complete a bachelor's degree when I otherwise would not have been able to do that as the primary caregiver to my two children.


Erick R. Lopez, UMass Amherst Arts Extension Service

As an alumnus of the program, I have a great appreciation for the training that you provided! I know that I wouldn't be where I am today without my degree from the Arts Extension Service and UMass Amherst. Sincerely, thank you!


Anna Vigeland, UMass Amherst Arts Extension Service

I've received a Global Connections On the Road Grant from Theater Communications Group. The award is intended to support new artistic collaborations in Bulgaria, hosted by the Red House Center for Culture and Debate in Sofia. Thanks again for my training with AES!


Tina D'Agostino, UMass Amherst Arts Extension Service

The Arts Extension Service courses, combined with practical experience, have provided a solid foundation for my career in Arts Administration. I was able to learn more about fundraising and finance, two areas where I had the least experience and the creative economy course was absolutely amazing and challenging! I loved the flexibility and I was pleasantly surprised how well I got to know my classmates. I enjoyed the interaction with everyone and feedback from the instructors.

Kevin Karpowicz MD FAAP, UMass Amherst MPH Program

When I first began the online MPH program, I was unclear as to where it was going to take me and what I expected. I am now a much more effective community partner with multiple agencies in my community. I have been able to develop a new paradigm of integrating public health and the primary health care of children. I could have continued simply providing basic health care in my office and retired. The MPH experience has given me the ability to go beyond the confines of the office into uncharted territory. It is exciting and I know will lead to significant improvement in the health of children.

Victor Veira, UMass Amherst MBA Program

I am convinced I learned significantly more in significantly less time through the online system and the professors good use of it. Now, instead of racing out of the classroom to make it to a grad class across town, I can interact with classmates and manage my assignments from home or anywhere.

Robert Stark, UMass Amherst MBA Program

I travel regularly and it can be a real problem if you miss a (face-to-face) class. That's not the case with UMass Amherst's online MBA. I like the flexibility. I can do my work Monday nights, over the weekend, or at lunch. Anytime.

Cheryl Gray, UMass Lowell IT Degree Program

I have taken classes in writing, programming, math, history, psychology and, economics. I've also taken web and computer graphic courses - all online. I'm a full-time "stay-at-home" mom and the flexibility of the program fits well with my schedule.

Thomas Mariano, UMass Lowell M.Ed Program

The online program allows me to focus on what I am learning instead of worrying about missing a class due to traffic jams. It's an excellent fit for me and I have no doubt that learning online is as good, or even better than a traditional experience with significantly less inconvenience.

Gwen Barmes, UMass Dartmouth BIS Program

I am a student at UMass Dartmouth in the Bachelor of Information Science degree program. I had to take off a semester due to health reasons. I was able to take courses online, which allowed me to stay on track even if I couldn't come to campus.

Tiffany Koh, UMass Amherst HTM Program

Pursuing an online education has made me more independent and disciplined, ensuring that work and school deadlines are met. The flexibility has also allowed me to plan my work schedule and allocate time for my classes. I am more motivated to participate in the activities and discussions.

Janet Joseph, UMass Boston Instructional Design Program

What I like most about the Instructional Design program is the flexibility the program offers to select courses of importance to me. I was able to select online courses that fit my needs and my work life.

Candace Bracken, UMass Boston RN to BS Program

The opportunity to participate in online education has allowed me to work, go to school and most importantly be a mom. The support of my instructors has been wonderful and allowed me to develop my vocational educational curriculum.

Daniel Robert , UMass Amherst BBA Program

Online learning is an excellent fit for me. It provides a better program than a traditional experience w/ significantly more convenience.

Larissa Daigel, UMass Amherst Campus

UMassOnline was a terrific way to finish the bachelor's degree I started almost 30 years ago. I was convinced that being an only-parent with a full-time job meant that going back to school was something I'd have to wait years for.

Kenneth Asahan, UMass Amherst Online Part-Time MBA Program

While deployed to Kuwait, I have found the UMass Isenberg Online Professional MBA Program to be very flexible in accommodating my schedule, especially when I am 7 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. There is no need to log in at a specific day or time, which makes it very convenient. Professors are very helpful and provide professional discussions and assistance via threaded discussions on the course website, or through email. During my deployment to the Middle East, I have been able to take courses to further both my military and civilian career.

David Klein, UMass Boston Organizing and Managing Senior Transportation Options Certificate

“The program gave me a more potent vocabulary to articulate a vision to both augment and improve our transportation program. The scope of ideas and information from the instructors and guest ‘experts’ as well as fellow students from across the U.S. have been wonderful. I’m glad that this was where I took my first online course.”

Donna Baker, UMass Boston Organizing and Managing Senior Transportation Options Certificate

“This program has provided invaluable insights into the special transit needs of our aging population. The lectures, ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions, and ancillary resource materials have been excellent. Clearly, as transit providers and as a society in general we need to get ahead of the curve now by beginning to plan for these supportive transportation services, so necessary as Boomers continue to age!”

Ellen Lechtenberg, MPH, RD, IBCLC

I have been busy since graduating from the online MPH in Nutrition Program at UMass Amherst and UMassOnline. I finally opened the Mothers Milk Center at work! This centralizes how we handle mothers milk and changes all steps related to human milk from storage to fortification and discharge. This has been a huge project. Your graduate program and projects associated with the classes really helped me tackle this overwhelming task from researching best practice, designing the room, writing policies and forms to use in the center as well as developing hospital-wide education. I also got a raise and promotion — I am now the Clinical Nutrition Manager of Lactation!

UMassOnline Faculty Quotes

Robert Weiner, Boston International Relations

I have taught international relations online for the past four years, and it has been an amazing experience for both me and my students. I have been teaching international relations for 40 years, and doing it online has reenergized my approach to and perspective of world politics. With a touch of their fingertips, my students can peruse the world's media, watch a meeting of the UN Security Council, or participate in the experimental online war studies program at King's College London. Teaching international relations online has opened up opportunities for my students which never existed before.

Jim Theroux, Amherst Campus

Our live online case study was the first of its type in the world. Without the web it couldn't have been done.

Jeannette E. Riley, Dartmouth Women's Studies

Learning is very much about dialogue and the ongoing development of an active discursive community. It fosters student discussion and requires students to become integrally involved with the learning process. Students post their work and learn from one another as they use their own writings as texts in the class. Students learn to reflect upon their work, which in turn fosters lifelong learning skills that helps them find their voices inside and outside the classroom.

Art Clifford, Amherst Journalism Program

Distance learning appeals to a broad spectrum of students -- young, old, disabled, geographically disadvantaged, and late starters. The experience is intensely personal as students create online personas and share their enthusiasm, ideas and goals. It's an exciting opportunity that every teacher should be lucky enough to experience.

Richard Siegal, Lowell Campus

I have found online teaching to be very convenient for me and my students because it allows the freedom to work according to our own schedules. But especially important to me as an educator, is the power of on-line discussions. Unlike classrooms, everyone gets to participate and the participation is often better informed by the ability to think through a response, and students can carry on a thread of discussion without worrying about the clock or shutting other students out.

Lisa Aronson Fontes, Ph.D. University Without Walls, UMass Amherst

We create a true community online and have highly rigorous academic discussions. Sometimes a student will submit a paper to me one morning and I'll send comments within the hour. The student and I might go back and forth with our messages discussing the paper several times before nightfall. The intimacy of the classroom community and the possibilities for immediate feedback are two of the reasons I like teaching online.

Luanne E. Witkowski, Boston Critical and Creative Thinking Graduate Program

Through online teaching I have been able to engage students from throughout the world (Colombia, Czech Republic, Israel, Japan, Pakistan) and across the United States (CA, DC, MA, MI, PA, TX- to name just a few) in Creative Thinking and Creativity studies. Each culture, background, demographic adds a richness to the course that localized classroom teaching cannot bring into the picture. Not only do students share learning and resources online, but a global support system that encourages peer/professional networking and applications worldwide in the real world.

Karen Stevens,Ed.D.-University Without Walls Early Care & Education Concentration

After teaching online for nearly six years, I find that online education is in many ways superior to live classes. In my online classes I find students have a great variety of significant learning opportunities and an ability to create learning communities, finding support from peers, as well as faculty. I encourage other faculty to give it a try!

Patsy Beffa-Negrini PhD RD, Amherst Master of Public Health in Nutrition

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to coordinate and instruct in the new online Master of Public Health in Nutrition program. Our participants include dietitians, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, health educators, and other health specialists, who join in from all over the U.S. and from Europe. Students are applying what they learn in the MPH in Nutrition in their careers, and appreciate the flexibility of the fully online format. We recently conducted a survey of the first-year students and 100% said they would recommend the program to others. What they enjoy the most is discussing and sharing ideas and professional experiences with their peers during online threaded discussions and live summer seminars.

Lisa Panagopoulos, Lowell Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

I am always amazed at the amount of interaction that takes place in an online classroom. Not only does this result in a terrific amount of information sharing, it also fosters a sense of community, giving the online classroom a wonderfully human touch.

Employer Quotes

Former CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch

To count out a candidate based on an online degree may be shortsighted; People working all day and studying online all night have the kind of grrrr most companies could use.

Publisher of Educational Pathways, George Lorenzo

Employers have come to realize that the vast majority of online higher education graduates are adult lifelong learners who are self-disciplined, reliable and have a knack for applying practical, experience-based knowledge in the workplace.

HR Vice President of Subaru of America, Dan Dalton

Many employers, like Subaru of America, leave little doubt where they stand on distance learning. "We encourage our employee's interested in furthering their education to consider enrolling in an online course or degree program," states Dan Dalton, vice president for human resources at SOA. "We've found that the online option affords them the convenience and flexibility needed to manage both their work and family responsibilities," claims Dalton.