What is Arts Management?

What is Arts Management? | Online Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management | UMassOnline.net

The arts attract many kinds of people. Some, of course, are those who create or perform the arts themselves. But there are others who do the important task of making sure that the business side of the art world runs smoothly.

That’s where art management comes in. Those who work in this field manage the daily operations of art galleries, museums, performing arts centers, symphonies and other art-related enterprises.

It’s a critical job. Keeping the business side of the arts running well allows the artists themselves to keep their focus where it needs to be: on the art itself.

Some schools now offer degrees specifically focused on arts management. For those wanting to earn a degree in arts management, the University of Massachusetts offers the nation’s only online bachelor’s degree that focuses on arts management, the Bachelor of Arts - Arts Management.

What Art Management Professional Do

Few people think about business when they think about art, but that’s where those in art management do their job.

Classes in art management include learning about:

  • Nonprofit finance
  • Fundraising
  • Public relations
  • Marketing
  • Grant writing
  • Management of artistic venues

The goal is to prepare students for taking on the often-complex tasks of providing a venue to showcase the arts while also ensuring it makes enough money to thrive. Art management professionals oversee the budget for artistic venues, using the latest business strategies to make the operation efficient while also showcasing the best artistic productions possible.

Careers In Art Management

In addition to jobs in the nonprofit sector, arts management also offers the opportunity to work in the for-profit business world.

In some cases, those with degrees in art management will open their own business, running either a venue or a specific artistic group. Earning an arts management degree teaches not only about the financial and marketing aspects of running an artistic venue, but also the legal issues surrounding such endeavors.

Jobs in the field include:

  • Music label manager
  • Fine arts museum director
  • Opera company manager
  • Managing a dance company
  • Digital streaming service manager

In short, earning a four-year degree in arts management prepares students to take on almost any management role in the arts world.

Education In Arts Management

Some of the best candidates for earning a degree in arts management are the artists themselves. Many artists now know that having a foundational knowledge in the business side of the art world can help them better manage their own careers.

A degree in arts managements leads to critical thinking and problem-solving skills in relation to the business of the arts.

Students graduate from a four-year arts management program ready to take on jobs in the real world. Many will get entry-level positions, helping to manage art venues or assist in developing and running marketing campaigns for the arts.

Arts management is a critical component to ensuring the public has access to great works of art and artistic performances. It’s a career worthy of consideration for those who love art and have a knack for working in business.

The art world is always in need of people with that unique blend of skills and interests.